New name for the Best Western Hotel New York Nice!

The Best Western Hotel New York Nice is changing its name to become the Best Western Hotel Lakmi Nice! The former name led people to think the hotel was in the city of New York, in the US, whereas it is in fact ideally located in Nice city centre, in France. To avoid such confusion and build our own particular image, we've chosen a new, unique and original name: "Lakmi".


The Best Western Hotel New York Nice becomes the Best Western Hotel Lakmi Nice
The Best Western Hotel New York Nice becomes the Best Western Hotel Lakmi Nice

Only the name has changed; everything else remains the same.

This new marketing strategy aims to boost the visibility of the hotel, its reputation and its unique image. Boasting an average rate of occupancy of 98.8% in 2018, the management would like to reassert its position as a leading provider of comfort and services since the hotel was acquired by the Summer Hotel Group in 2015.

The hotel's digital marketing strategy was facing too much online competition due to the keyword "New York", which led to confusion, with people thinking it was in the famous US city. The main reason for changing the name is therefore to improve the hotel's internet referencing and give it an original and unique identity.

The message we'd therefore like to communicate to our customers is: "All that's changing is our name: not our ownership, team, address or identity".


Why Lakmi?

Lakmi is a vulgarisation of the word "LAKSHMI", which in the Hindu religion denotes the Goddess of fortune, prosperity (both material and spiritual) and beauty. In Hinduism, hospitality is a universal, God-given duty, so this new name perfectly suits our values: service and comfort, a warm welcome and a friendly smile for all our customers.

To top it off, the simplification "LAKMI" sounds a lot like "LIKE ME".


So, do you Lakmi?

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