7 gift ideas to bring back from Menton

Fancy bringing back a souvenir from Menton to keep your holiday alive at home and treat your loved ones? Check out the selection of gift ideas from the Hôtel Menton Méditerranée to pack in your suitcase. Unsurprisingly it's a fruity list with the Menton lemon taking pride of place…


1. Limoncello - In the land of lemons

The legendary limoncello  is a liqueur made of Menton lemon that's the perfect post-dinner drink. Surprise your guests at the end of the meal with this cool and refreshing spirit that will fill them with sunshine… Genuine Menton limoncello is available at Au Pays du Citron on the Saint-Michel pedestrian street, a 10 minute walk from the Hôtel Menton Méditerranée

Limoncello Menton - © Marmiton
Limoncello Menton - © Marmiton


2. Triple fruit marmalade – Confitures Herbin

Spread summer citrus on your toast every morning with the triple fruit marmalade from Maison Herbin. It is made of Menton lemons, sweet oranges and grapefruit. Stewed in copper crucibles, it's the perfect gift for foodies!

Does the taste remind you of something? Its lemon marmalade cousin is served every morning at the Hôtel Menton Méditerranée breakfast buffet.
A tour of the Maison Herbin is a must for tourists visiting Menton.

Triple fruit marmalade – Confitures Herbin
Triple fruit marmalade – © Confitures Herbin


3. Menton lemon ravioli – Pasta Piemonte

Yes, more Menton lemon! Gived your loved ones a tastebud-tingling experience with a delicious plate of lemon ravioli made by Pasta Piemonte. The pasta is made of ricotta, AOP grated cheese and Menton lemon zest and juice. Check out the video recipe for this light and tasty dish that will have you reminiscing about the Côte d’Azur.

Lemon ravioli - © Pasta Piemonte Menton
Lemon ravioli - © Pasta Piemonte Menton


4. Eau de Menton – Prestige de Menton

Eau de Menton is the perfect gift to bring back the smells of Southern France and the sunshine! Prestige de Menton has sold genuine Eau de Menton since 1947 based on the finest blend of natural lemon essences. It is available in several items: spray, shower gel, lemon-shaped soap and refreshing wipes.


5. Menton mandarin olive oil – Huilerie St Michel

Olive oil encapsulates Mediterranean cuisine with its famous Southern French olives. Use your stay to pick up olive oil with an original flavour that will add a splash of "je ne sais quoi" to your salads: extra virgin olive oil made with organic Menton mandarin. The exclusive product by Mauro Colagreco, chef at the 2 Michelin-starred Mirazur restaurant, is made by the Huilerie St Michel under 10 minutes on foot from the Hôtel Menton Méditerranée. Experience the flavour of the sun-soaked Côte d’Azur fruit in every bite!


6. Lemon tree – La Maison du citron

How come the Menton lemon is so famous? Simply because it's the best... It has the sweetest flavour, punchy aromas, low acidity and the Protected Geographical Indication designation (PGI). Bringing back a lemon tree from your holiday is the best way to bring a slice of Menton home with you. Every lemon that grows will remind you of your stay at your 3* hotel in the heart of town.

La Maison du citron is the perfect place to find a quality lemon tree from over 300 trees on-site. The grounds and nursery with sea views are under 10 minutes by car from the Hôtel Menton Méditerranée.

 Lemon tree - © La Maison du Citron Menton
Lemon tree - © La Maison du Citron Menton


7. 2019 Lemon Festival tickets

Menton has celebrated the arrival of its lemon harvest since 1934 by setting up lofty floral and fruity structures, hosting "corsi des fruits d’or" parades in the streets and putting on fabulous shows throughout the festivities. This year's Lemon Festival is from February 16th to March 3rd 2019.

It's the perfect opportunity to book an amazing holiday at your favourite Menton hotel: the Hôtel Menton Méditerranée. Fancy bringing your friends along next time? Book your tickets in the stands to be on the front row of the 2019 Lemon Festival.

 Lemon Festival 2016 - © Lemon Festival Menton
Lemon Festival 2016 - © Lemon Festival Menton


Are you ready to fill your luggage with the scents of the South?
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