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Service, comfort, welcome and smile are the Summer Hotel’s core values.

A collection of boutique hotels in the south of France in Nice, Cannes and Menton, the independent Summer Hotels was created in 2004 by Bernard LENG.

Directed by Laurent Rossi and Audrey Denis, the human dimension lies at the heart of the Summer Hotels’s strategy. Happy guests welcomed by consummate professionals passionate about hospitality.
The philosophy of the Summer Hotels is to promote a global strategy common to all hotels. Each manager has the objective of creating and developing a strong identity, unique to their individual hotel.

Our dynamic teams are especially focused on the customer experience and embrace the guiding principle of ‘your smile, our success’.
The Summer Hotels is aiming for exponential growth for the next 5 years with the acquisition of new hotels on the Côte d’Azur. In 2017, the group moved its headquarters to new offices in order to further improve its efficiency and organisation.

DNA Summer Hotels : the passion

While continuing the development of Summer Hotels, we keep in mind a primary objective: our teams. Today, managers and employees are proud to belong to the Summer Hotels family and continue to write the group's story each year. It's a friendly place to work where employees are more than just collaborators and where real connections are made. We have faith in the human. The proximity between our teams, our suppliers and our customers is what drives us every day.

All passionate about the hotel industry, the customer is at the heart of our DNA. Taking care of our guests and bringing them the best possible stay experience is our everyday leitmotiv. Our DNA makes Summer Hotels one of the best hotel brands on the French Riviera.

Join a hotel group in full development on the Côte d'Azur.

Be part of the Summer Hotels adventure by integrating a group that emphasizes team spirit, the loyalty of its employees and creativity in its hotels. The doors of the hotel are open to you, take the opportunity to join a group in full expansion!

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The best ideas are those that have the courage and the audacity to be realized.


Driven by the bold vision of Bernard LENG and his entrepreneurial spirit, Summer Hotels innovates in its way of seeing things and makes every effort to offer the best possible service to our customers. Innovation is at the heart of our priorities to provide a unique stay experience for our guests.
Throughout our growth, each idea has given birth to many others. We draw on them through our field experiences and travels. The motto of Summer Hotels is to think differently to see further and bigger. Enjoy an immersive holiday during the major events of the French Riviera in our hotels: the Carnival of Nice or the Lemon festival in Menton alongside our staff disguised for the occasion. Our common passion to welcome you and surprise you inspires our teams every day. "Dare and surprise", discover, for example, our Christmas 2019.

Let's explore together to recreate and rethink the hotel business of tomorrow!


From the creation of the group to today ... 15 years of passion

In 2004, it was out of passion that Bernard Leng launched himself into the hotel business with the acquisition of Hôtel Masséna Nice 4 *, 110 rooms and suites and Hôtel Méditerranée Menton 3 *, 89 rooms .

In 2005, he sold the Team Partner group to devote himself to the development of an independent hotel chain Summer Hotels. Bernard Leng appoints Laurent Rossi, Executive Director of the group and Audrey Denis, Financial and Administrative Director. The construction of the group begins.

He then acquired the Hôtel Paris Orléans 3 *, 91 rooms in 2006 that he resold in 2014, to focus solely on the market of the Côte d'Azur.

Since 2019, the group has had more than 200 employees, 9 hotels, 3 and 4 stars on the Côte d'Azur, with more than 550 rooms.

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