"Au pays du citron": a lemony escapade in Menton

Menton, a sun-drenched town famous for its Fête du Citron ©, is full of wonders to explore. We recently tested and approved the immersive experience offered by the citrus farm "Au Pays du Citron", Menton's #1 lemon producer. Embark on a day full of surprises in Menton! On the program: a 4x4 trip, a guided tour through the scents of the lemon trees, and a delicious meal under the sun. We'll tell you all about it! ☀️

« Au pays du citron », a family story

Fabrice Puech was born into a family of Menton citrus growers, where the cultivation of Citron de Menton is an ancestral tradition. Fabrice's childhood memories of his grandfather working the land to plant lemon trees forged his passion for the fruit. This passion was naturally passed on to his wife Sonia, who shares his love for Citron de Menton. Together, they decided to devote their lives to this noble cause, transforming the family citrus into jams, aperitifs and liqueurs, with the ambition of reviving the reputation of the Citron de Menton. Their experience and dedication eventually led to the creation of "Au Pays du Citron", a specialist brand, thus giving concrete expression to their commitment to this emblematic citrus fruit.

Citronniers de Menton

Rendezvous in lemon country: a lemony escapade

With family or friends, set off on a refreshing escapade in the land of lemons and let yourself be carried away by a day full of surprises and discoveries. It all starts with a 4x4 drive that takes you up a steep path, instantly plunging you into the heart of the countryside. Once you've arrived, you'll be warmly welcomed on an esplanade overlooking the valley, where a delicious lemonade awaits you to get the day off to a good start, with a breathtaking view of the surrounding lemon groves.

The tour begins with an exploration of the beehives, accompanied by an explanation of their crucial role in the ecosystem. Given that the Asian hornet has severely affected the local bee population, it was essential to introduce swarms of bees to boost pollination and promote better fruit production. Next, you'll head for Latin America, crossing France's largest avocado plantation, passing through the olive grove before reaching the citrus farm. A colorful and fragrant experience that immerses you in a veritable oasis of nature, ideal for recharging your batteries and unwinding.

     Vue de la vallée de Menton
View of the valley from the esplanade - Crédit Summer Hotels

The warm, friendly welcome and enthusiastic guides will help you discover the history and special features of this area, highlighting the Menton lemon and its unique characteristics.

The tour ends in a charming open-air restaurant, offering a Mediterranean ambience and panoramic views. You can enjoy a delicious meal under the sun or in the shade of the lemon trees, savoring local specialties sublimated by lemony touches, such as lemon honey, mandarin olive oil, pesto rosso, barbajuans, pan bagnats, local cheese and much more! An explosion of authentic flavors that will transport you straight to the heart of lemon country. We guarantee you won't want to leave this green setting!

Restaurant Au pays du citron     boutique au pays du citron
Au pays du citron" open-air restaurant and boutique - Crédit Summer Hotels

Visit the citrus farm: practical information

This experience is offered daily from February to November. For just 32 euros per person, you can enjoy a 4x4 ride, a full guided tour and a delicious picnic lunch. The tour, which lasts around 1h30, takes place on a pleasant, passable path, although comfortable shoes are recommended.

Afterwards, you're free to enjoy the estate until 4 p.m., with access to the solarium and a safe play area for children. Tasting the products on offer in the store, such as limoncello and honey, is also a must!


Exploring this citrus farm is the perfect way to unveil Menton's hidden treasures. Whether you visit Menton during the winter or summer, this natural oasis offers a peaceful retreat that enchants visitors of all ages. It's a charming way to discover Menton by supporting local producers, while enjoying an immersive and enriching experience!

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