Backstage of Menton Lemon Festival

If you're planning to visit the beautiful town of Menton on your next vacation, take a glimpse behind the scenes of the famous Fête du Citron ©. During an exclusive visit, we had the privilege of discovering the well-kept secrets of this emblematic city event. From float decor to costume design, painting and fruiting, we reveal all the fascinating details!

Lemon Festival float design 

Every year, the Lemon Festival in Menton reinvents the magic with an overflowing creativity. With remarkable ingenuity, the teams reuse certain structures and shapes from past years, while incorporating new materials to bring freshness and realism to the sets. From the very start of the process, meticulous research is undertaken to find the most realistic materials, while the sets are gradually modified to perfectly match the artistic aspirations and final rendering.

The floats come to life thanks to the expertise of six different trades, working in harmony to give life to grandiose works of art. This year, no fewer than ten floats parade through the streets of Menton, each meticulously designed according to codified plans, featuring lemons and oranges in innovative configurations.

Backstage at the Fête du Citron
Backstage at the Fête du Citron © - Crédit Summer Hotels

It's interesting to note that the floats' dimensions are carefully calculated to fit Menton's narrow streets, with maximum height and width, allowing smooth passage during the lively corsos.

Notable innovations include the use of avant-garde materials such as Lycra for costumes, and the appearance of an iconic mascot called "John Lemon" in hilarious sports scenes.

The fruiting of the Lemon Festival floats 

Fruiting is meticulously carried out by hand by temporary teams. Here's an interesting anecdote: in the past, fruit was pricked directly onto the structure, but quickly deteriorated. Today, a more efficient method has been developed, involving the use of rubber bands to secure the citrus fruit. This technique ensures better preservation of the lemons and oranges, preserving the freshness of the decorations throughout the event.

Defective fruit is replaced as it deteriorates, guaranteeing a perfect show at every presentation. Once the festivities are over, the most beautiful heads are preserved while the rest are dismantled, with the carcasses recovered by a company specializing in recycling.

La fructification des chars de la Fête du Citron
The fruiting of the Lemon Festival floats © - Credits Summer Hotels

The Fête du Citron © in Menton is much more than just a festival, it's a breathtaking spectacle where imagination and creativity come together to offer an unforgettable experience to all those lucky enough to attend. The more intrigued can also explore a citrus farm that produces the famous Citrons de Menton, the source of the delicious "Au pays du Citron" products.

Plan your visit now to the Hotel Méditerannée, ideally located to enjoy the festivities, and get ready to be amazed by this unique celebration!

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