Christmas Celebrations in Cannes

Cannes typically shines under the summer sun, revealing its glamorous Croisette, opulent hotels, and bustling beaches. However, when winter arrives, the city undergoes a stunning transformation into a radiant Christmas spectacle. Exploring Cannes during the winter brings forth numerous attractions, with the year-end celebrations taking the spotlight. Within this festive atmosphere, the Hôtel des Orangers, nestled in the picturesque Suquet district, stands as an inviting haven. Adorned with exquisite Christmas decor, the hotel warmly greets guests daily, offering delightful treats like hot chocolate paired with delectable gingerbread or crepes. It's a welcoming refuge that allows guests to savor the Cannes lifestyle while indulging in the city's lively animations and festive spirit during this magical time of year.​

In Cannes City Center...

  • Christmas Illuminations :

Cannes adorns itself in a sparkling array for the holidays with enchanting and eco-conscious Christmas decorations! At the heart of the city, a majestic Christmas tree exudes the festive essence amidst a stunning ambiance. Facades burst into life with animated image projections, while automatons add a touch of magic to this joyous spectacle.

Christmas decorations in Cannes - Crédit Summer Hotels

  • Festive Shopping Delight :

Boutiques throughout Cannes compete in creativity, adorning Rue d’Antibes and the renowned Croisette with their dazzling decorations. Allow yourself to be captivated by the curated selection of the city's best shopping destinations, where you'll discover inspiration for unique and festive gifts. Immerse yourself in the holiday spirit while enjoying special events and the city's convenient parking facilities.

Rue d'Antibes in Cannes during the holiday season - Crédit Summer Hotels

  • The Christmas Parade :

A luminous procession travels through the bustling streets of the city center, delivering a joyful spectacle. Sparkling costumes, stilt walkers, lively musicians, and traditional songs animate the streets, whisking everyone into a magical atmosphere.

  • Christmas Village : 

The pathways of La Liberté and Cours Félix Faure undergo a picturesque transformation into a Christmas village. Explore 51 chalets hosted by talented artisans and creators. Here, you'll uncover unique gifts and indulge in typical holiday treats.

Christmas Village in Cannes - Crédit Summer Hotels

  • Meeting Santa Claus :  

A specially designated chalet on La Liberté beckons both young and old to meet Santa Claus. Capture this enchanting moment with a photo that will endure as an everlasting memory.

  • The Ice Rink:

At the heart of this magical village, a 350m² natural ice rink awaits skating enthusiasts, offering an unforgettable experience for both children and adults.

Ice rink in Cannes for Christmas - Crédit Summer Hotels

  • The Elf Workshop : 

The younger ones will have the chance to take part in entertaining workshops at the heart of the Christmas village. Whether crafting greeting cards or writing letters to Santa Claus, indulge in a creative and enjoyable experience to celebrate the spirit of Christmas.

  • The Funfair : 

Esplanade Pantiero transforms into a family entertainment hub. Enjoy numerous attractions at the funfair, creating unforgettable memories during this festive period.

Funfair in Cannes - Crédit Summer Hotels

  • Christmas Nativity Scenes:

Explore the scattered nativity scenes throughout the city, including the Christmas village chalet, the Notre Dame d’Espérance church in Le Suquet, and the Moulin Forville. Admire the terracotta figurines that recreate the nativity scene within enchanting settings.


In Cannes la Bocca...

  • Canadian Ambiance : 

Immerse yourself in unique Canadian-themed activities such as taffy on snow and Quebec specialties. A complete immersion into the warm spirit of Canada in the heart of Cannes.

  • Campfire Performances : 

Discover captivating performances and activities around the campfire with a storytelling elf. A magical and welcoming atmosphere to share precious moments with family or friends.

Cannes undergoes a complete transformation into a true wonderland during the holiday season, presenting a wide array of activities suitable for all ages and interests. Come and immerse yourself in the enchanting atmosphere of the year-end celebrations, where a vibrant and magical ambiance awaits you at every corner!



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