Environmental impact 2019 of the Hotel Florence Nice

The Hotel Florence Nice is aware of its prime location between the sea and mountains on the Côte d’Azur and has had an environmental policy in place for years to encourage sustainable tourism. Find out more about our 3* hotel's commitment to reducing its impact on the environment in this article.


Hotel Florencean eco-citizen hotel in the heart of central Nice, is part of the pioneering hospitality movement in sustainable tourism in Nice. It has been committed to sustainable development for years, its manager and team are trained in eco-friendly measures and informed about climate issues.

Hotel Florence Nice wants to minimise its impact on the environment and strives to reduce the waste and pollution caused by its trade and protect the planet's natural resources

The hotel's sustainable development management policy is part of our identity and the green values we hold dear. The aim of our Nice boutique hotel is to constantly improve our environmental performance and secure it for the long-term.


Your 3* hotel's 2019 environmental label

Hotel Florence Nice is one of 150 establishments that has signed up to assess and reduce its impact on the environment with the "étiquette environnementale" provided by Betterfly Tourism.

Environmental label - Hotel Florence Nice - 2019
Environmental label - Hotel Florence Nice - 2019

This environmental rating system calculates the ecological footprint of a night at the hotel taking into account all the steps in the life cycle of every piece of equipment, food for breakfast, toiletries, cleaning products and textiles.

Did you know? 

  • Average CO2 emissions for breakfast weigh 28 tons per year for a hotel with 80 rooms, the equivalent of 14 round trips between Paris and New York!
  • The average weight of waste at breakfast is 185g.

Following the data analysis, the Winggy® software designed by Betterfly Tourism gives the hotel a rating between A and E (A is the best) based on 4 indicators: impact on the climate, use of non-renewable energy resources, water consumption and the amount of organic or eco-friendly products in the hotel's supplies.

This official system is supported by the Ministry for the Ecological and Inclusive Transition of France. The rating is updated every year based on the establishment's annual results.


Our projects for more eco-friendly tourism in Nice

Our environmental policy affects everyone involved in life at the Hotel Florence Nice: management, staff, suppliers and our clients. Everyone can do their bit to help combat global warming

View everything we've done at your green hotel:

Protection of bees - Hotel Florence Nice
Protection of bees - Hotel Florence Nice
  • Reducing food waste at breakfast:

- Mainly organic products
- Replenishing the buffet as and when
- Pastries baked on-site
- Reducing individual packaging with bulk products.

Limiting food waste - Hotel Florence Nice
Limiting food waste - Hotel Florence Nice
  • Reducing our energy use:

- Installing a new heat pump
- Replacing regular bulbs with energy-saving bulbs
- Installing proximity sensors in communal areas
- Installing a control unit to switch off the lights in rooms and up to 50% electricity supply from renewable energy

  • Reducing our water consumption:

- Changing sheets every 3 days (unless requested by guests)
- Towels only washed when left in the shower
- Fitting water saving devices on taps

  • Removing waste that could harm the environment
  • Eco-friendly communication:

- Using recycled paper to print marketing documents
- Guide about the hotel's eco-friendly projects with pollution-free trip ideas available for guests to view.
- Training staff about how to be eco-friendly.


Go green in Nice and book the Hotel Florence Nice without sacrificing your holiday. How do you reduce your impact on the environment?

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