Free and unlimited access to thousands of newspapers, magazines and books at the Hotel Masséna!

During your holiday discover the captivating power of reading and let your mind float away on an ocean of adventures, imagination and relaxation. Get ready to dive into a bewitching world of reading without even leaving your room with the help of the online newsagent's accessible free of charge at the Best Western Plus Hotel Masséna Nice. Whether you prefer to lose yourself in the pages of an exciting novel, learn something new in a top magazine or share an unforgettable experience with your family in the children's section, the varied selection on the site will meet all your reading needs. In this article, find out how to use the exclusive service reserved to our guests, as well as our selection of the best places to enjoy a relaxing read in Nice.

When you stay at the Best Western Plus Hotel Masséna you can access a whole host of newspapers, books and magazines in 1 click. How? It's very simple, log on to the hotel wifi then visit the website for a free and unlimited access or via our e-concierge service.


Nextory is a website streaming audio content and books for a relaxing holiday

Nextory is much more than a newspaper kiosk. it is a real digital library, opening up an infinite world of reading. With over 250,000 digital books, magazines and comics available at any time via the wifi in your 4-star hotel, you are sure to find what you are looking for in the different categories on offer, including fiction, crime novels, science fiction and much else besides.

Whether you are looking for a recent best-seller or a timeless classic, Nextory is suited to all tastes. What's more, the site includes practical features, such as a note-taking function, the chance to highlight extracts and to select books to read at a later date. With this service, reading turns into an interactive and personalised experience, helping you really get away from it all during your holiday.


When you want to relax and drift off to sleep, there is nothing like a good audio book. The digital library at the Hotel Masséna contains a vast selection of relaxing audio books to carry you off to faraway and imaginary lands. Journey to a world of enchanting stories before enjoying a deep and restful sleep.

If you are staying with your family at the Best Western Plus Hotel Masséna Nice, we have all you need to entertain our VIKs (Very Important Kids). The children's books collection is specially designed to captivate children and fire their imaginations. They can head into fantasy worlds and experience thrilling adventures, while developing a love of reading.

During your weekend in Nice do you want to keep track of the news, but take a break from the television? The online newsagents has a vast selection of regional, national and international newspapers and magazines. Every morning at the hotel's buffet breakfast, keep up to date with the latest news and explore new horizons, while enjoying a nice cup of coffee.


What is a quiet place to read during a stay in Nice?

For lovers of real printed books, we have the solution at the Masséna bookshop just opposite our hotel. You can easily go and browse the shelves filled with literary gems. Whether you are looking for an exciting novel, an inspirational art book or a practical travel guide, the Masséna bookshop will meet all your reading needs. Choose your favourite book and take it with you to the beach, in public transport or on your sightseeing trips in Nice.


Nice is teeming with wonderful places that are ideal for reading and relaxing. During your stay at the Best Western Plus Hotel Masséna Nice, explore the best spots for reading in the city:

  • Promenade des Anglais: sit yourself down in one of the blue chairs facing the Mediterranean Sea and immerse yourself in your book, while enjoying the gentle sea breeze.
  • Colline du Château Park: Make the most of the green setting with a breathtaking view over the city and the bay of Nice. Find a shaded bench and dive into your book in a luxuriant natural setting.
  • The Old Town of Nice: Explore the charming and picturesque streets, and stop for a coffee on a café terrace. Order your favourite drink and get carried away by the pages of your book, while soaking up the exciting atmosphere of the old town.
  • Louis Nucéra Library: For a more cultural atmosphere, head for this modern library located next to the famous Tête Carrée, near Place Garibaldi. Enjoy a peaceful and serene spot to immerse yourself in your book and discover something new.

Make the most of these enchanting places to relax, get away from it all and enjoy your favourite book in an atmosphere that is unique in Nice.


Book now at the Best Western Plus Hotel Masséna Nice and wrap yourself up in the magic of words and stories, taking you to new horizons in the world of literature. Find out how reading can enhance your stay and make each instant even more memorable. Come and join us and experience a new dimension with reading discoveries during your holiday in Nice!

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