Henri Matisse, the artist to discover during your stay in Nice

Would you like to explore the cultural heritage of Nice during your holiday? Great idea! Nice is the cultural capital of the French Riviera and is teeming with museums with plenty of great things to see. Leave behind your beach towel and parasol, and the Hotel Florence will take you to the Matisse Museum, celebrating the famous Nice-based painter. During your visit, you can get to know this exceptional artist and discover the secrets of his creations. Ready for a very colourful visit? 


Matisse Museum 

Visit the Matisse Museum and admire an exceptional collection of paintings, drawings and sculptures by Henri Matisse. Enter into his world and get to know his artistic genius.

The pieces exhibited in the museum are wide-ranging and show the development of the painter's style over time. You can see the most famous masterpieces, including "Odalisque with Red Box", "Blue Nude IV", "Flowers and Fruits", as well as other, less well-known but just as original and creative works.

All the works on display in the museum come from Henri Matisse's own collection. He collected his works with care, so that together they would tell a story. Visiting this museum is an experience outside time, an immersion in the story told by the artist. 

The museum is housed in a magnificent 17th century villa in the Cimiez Arena Garden. The building's architecture and the garden are well worth a visit!

Nu bleu IV - Credit : Summer Hotels 

Matisse, the painter who loved Nice

During your visit to the museum, you will get to know Matisse's life story and see how the capital of the French Riviera inspired his work. 

When he arrived in Nice for the first time, aged 35, Henri Matisse immediately fell in love with the city and decided to stay there for the rest of his life. Light, landscapes, colours… He found everything fascinating, which is reflected in his paintings with their warm, dynamic colours.

"When I realised that every morning I would see this light again, I couldn't believe how happy I was. I decided not to leave Nice, and I have stayed here practically all my life."


Visit Cimiez, Henri Matisse's district

The Matisse Museum is in the residential district of Cimiez, where Henri Matisse lived.

This typical Nice district is on a hill and has a range of parks, monuments and museums to see. Afterwards, you can take a walk in the Cimiez Arenas Garden, a vast olive grove, where locals love to get together and have a good time. Enjoy a game of pétanque, listen to songs in the Nissart dialect… The Cimiez Arenas Garden is really one of a kind. You can also visit the Cimiez archaeological museum, which is just next to the Matisse Museum. To round off the day, head for the Cimiez Monastery Garden, a peaceful spot with a beautiful view over the Baie des Anges.

Cimiez Monestary Garden - Credit : Summer Hotels 

During your holiday in the French Riviera, take the time to explore the cultural riches of Nice. The Matisse Museum is not to be missed. It takes you inside the private world of a painter who fell in love with Nissa la Bella. Book your room in our 3-star hotel at the heart of Nice and enjoy a stay close to all the city's cultural attractions.


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