Hotel Massena awarded Green Key label

Hôtel Massena has been awarded the Clef Verte label in recognition of its dedication to preserving the environment. For some time now, the Summer Hotels group has been deploying multiple initiatives aimed at constantly reducing its carbon footprint, respecting nature and transforming tourism into an activity that respects our precious planet.

We are delighted that our efforts and commitment have been rewarded with this label, and we hope that each and every one of our customers will share our commitment to protecting our environment. Our planet and our magnificent Côte d'Azur abound in riches to be preserved together.

What is the Green Key label?

The Green Key label is an international environmental recognition awarded to tourist establishments and restaurants committed to minimizing their impact on the environment. It is present in 65 countries, including France, where it is the leading sustainable tourism label.

Green Key criteria cover all aspects of the tourism business, from the construction and fitting-out of establishments to waste management and energy and water consumption. To obtain the Green Key label, establishments must meet a number of criteria and undergo an assessment every three years to ensure that they maintain the label's standards.


The Green Key label offers tourists an assurance of quality when they choose an environmentally-friendly establishment. It is also a valuable tool for tourist establishments seeking to improve their environmental footprint.

Hôtel Massena's environmental initiatives

Hôtel Massena has taken significant steps to reduce its ecological impact and fully embrace a sustainable development approach. These initiatives include:

  1. Reduced water and energy consumption: To minimize its energy impact, the Hotel Massena has adopted all-LED lighting and installed aerators on all bathroom taps to regulate water flow. In addition, electricity is centralized in each room to avoid unnecessary consumption.
  2. Promoting responsible modes of transport: Hôtel Massena actively encourages its guests to use environmentally-friendly means of transport, such as bicycles or public transport. In addition, it offers its customers the possibility of recharging their electric vehicles thanks to its two available recharging stations.
  3. Ecological breakfast: The hotel has opted for ecological practices such as bulk purchasing and organic products for breakfast. The buffet is stocked as and when required to limit waste, and most products are offered without packaging, with fewer than five packaged items available.
  4. Waste management: Buying in bulk for breakfast considerably reduces waste. In addition, a selective sorting system has been introduced for all categories of waste, including hazardous waste. Organic waste is composted. Similarly, hospitality products are not individually packaged, but are available in large refillable formats.
  5. Partnerships with Local and Ecological Suppliers: Hôtel Massena favors partnerships with local and ecological suppliers such as Transgourmet, Maison Herbin, and DropByDrop, helping to support the local economy and minimize the carbon footprint.
  6. Staff awareness: Hôtel Massena staff receive training to raise awareness of the importance of the environment and their actions, reinforcing their commitment to sustainable development.
  7. Communication and customer awareness: Hôtel Massena actively communicates with its customers about the environmental actions undertaken, encouraging them to actively participate in these initiatives. Documents on the local fauna and flora, and on modes of transport, are made available to guests for further information.
  8. Responsible cleaning: The establishment has improved its cleaning practices by opting for certified ecological products and using a steam machine to maintain rooms and common areas, thus avoiding the use of harmful chemicals. What's more, guests can choose not to have their rooms cleaned every day in exchange for loyalty points.
  9. Dematerialized communication: Communication media are dematerialized, and when paper versions are required, recycled paper is preferred.

Hôtel Massena and Café Joyeux: an action in solidarity!

The Hôtel Masséna Nice has decided to offer its guests Café Joyeux brand capsules in some of its rooms equipped with Nespresso coffee machines, as soon as they arrive. Café Joyeux is the first family of solidarity cafés-restaurants, committed to training and recruiting people with mental disabilities, mainly with Down's syndrome or cognitive disorders such as autism. Their aim is to raise public awareness of disability by integrating it into the heart of our cities and our lives, while promoting encounters and offering employment opportunities to people who are often far removed from the job market. All profits from the sale of the capsules are donated to support the opening of new stores in France.

To find out more about the Hôtel Massena's eco-responsible and solidarity-based initiatives, a comprehensive guide has been compiled, listing all the actions undertaken by the Summer Hotels group in favor of ecology.


By obtaining the Green Key label, Hôtel Massena has positioned itself as a committed player in the hotel industry in terms of sustainable development, ready to encourage its customers to adopt more responsible behavior for the preservation of our planet.

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