How to make your bed like in a 4-star hotel?

Do you miss the comfy bed you had during your stay at the Best Western Plus Hotel Brice Garden? We have something to be going on with until your next holiday in Nice. In this article, Liliana, our head housekeeper, reveals her secrets for making the perfect bed. As well as looking good, a bed with well tucked in corners brings numerous psychological benefits and a soothing effect. Start your day by making your bed like at the hotel, and let the feeling of a job well done have a positive influence all through the day! You can recreate a comfortable and elegant look in your home by following the steps below.

Watch our video tutorial to successfully master all the steps !

  1. Choosing the right bed linen

First of all, choosing the right bed linen is a very important part of sleeping in a bed like in a hotel. Good-quality sheets guarantee visual appeal and comfort.

For the materials, opt for cotton satin sheets. This silky material is both soft and pleasant, and is a must in top-of -the-range bed linen. Once in the sheets, you won't want to get out again! As for the colour, opt for white or light colours.

Quick tip: don't choose your bed linen the same size as your mattress. Ideally, the sheets and duvet should go well beyond the sides of the bed.

  1. Add the fitted sheet

Start off by stretching your fitted sheet across the bed. Make sure the edges are the same length on both sides. Give the sheet a good pull so that it is well placed on the bed, right at the centre and of course with no wrinkles!

Now tuck the edges of the sheet under the mattress, and don't forget to give them a good tug. For perfect corners, fold the excess sheet on the top of the bed, make a right angle, then tuck it firmly under the mattress.

  1. Put the duvet in the cover

This is the part that often gets on people's nerves. But don't panic! As we did for the sheet, start off by stretching the duvet cover in the centre of the bed and put the corners of the duvet inside the cover. Hold the duvet cover by the 2 corners and shake until the duvet fills the cover. Then, as we did for the fitted sheet, match the corners of your duvet cover (with no wrinkles) to the corners of the bed.

  1. Now for the pillows

For the pillows, set them against the headboard nicely in line. Choose pillows in different sizes and shapes, and in colours matching your room. Your bed should be starting to look like the ones at the Best Western Plus Hotel Brice Garden!

Make your bed like a 4-star hotel - Credit: Summer Hotels
  1. Add the plaid or the bedspread

For an elegant final touch, add a plaid or a bedspread. You can decide if you prefer to drape it over all the bed or fold it at the bottom.


You now have an immaculate bed, ideal for long, restful nights. These tips give you all the techniques for making a nice, snug bed, like in our 4-star hotel in Nice, but the skills of our staff and our top-of-the-range bedding will still be the best way of spending a perfectly comfortable night. When you wake up, enjoy our delicious buffet breakfast and take advantage of our unique location to explore the wonders of Nissa la Bella.


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