Nice specialities to try during your stay in Nice

As the foodie capital of the Côte d’Azur, Nice takes great pride in its many signature specialities: socca, pissaladière, salade niçoise, etc. The Best Western Hôtel Lakmi Nice brings you 5 local recipes that are soaked in sunshine and Southern France. Try them on the restaurant or beach on your great gourmet getaway!


1. Salade Niçoise

Salade niçoise - Credit: 750gramme
Salade niçoise - Credit: 750gramme

The recipe for Nice's culinary classic is the subject of much debate in the region. "Real" salade niçoise is made of lettuce, baby artichokes, tomatoes, peppers, red onions, spring onions, broad beans, cucumber, hard-boiled eggs, tuna and/or anchovy fillets, olive oil and Nice olives. That's right, no potatoes or rice allowed! 

The Best Western Hotel Lakmi Nice has unearthed the best place in Nice for an authentic salade niçoiseA’Buteghinn’a, a restaurant approved for "Nissarde Cuisine" by Nice Council. The award recognises restaurants whose dishes adhere to the region's traditional recipes.


11 Rue du Marché - 06300 Nice
Opening hours: Monday to Saturday - 9am to 6pm

2. Pan Bagnat

 Pan Bagnat - Credit: camille__blt
Pan Bagnat - Credit: camille__blt

Pan bagnat is simply a salade niçoise in a sandwich! You get all the salad's ingredients in a little round bun "moistened" by olive oil and tomato juice.

Order one to take away from Kiosque Chez Tintin and eat on the beach with sea views.


Chez Tintin
3 Place General de Gaulle - 06100 Nice
Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday - 6am to 16pm


3. Socca

Socca Nice - Credit: Summer Hotel Group
Socca Nice - Credit: Summer Hotel Group

Socca is a chickpea flour and olive oil pancake cooked on a big round pan in a wood-fired oven. It's served hot from the oven, seasoned with pepper and sliced into pieces.

Make the most of your family holiday at the Best Western Hotel Lakmi Nice to introduce your kids to socca on a trip to René Soccaa restaurant specialising in Nice dishes.

Chez René Socca
2 Rue Miralheti - 06300 Nice
Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday except Wednesday - 9am to 21pm


4. Daube Niçoise

Daube Niçoise is Nice's take on Provencal stew with beef braised in red wine, ceps, bacon, tomatoes, carrots, garlic, celery... It is often served with gnocchi or as a ravioli filling. 

Head to Acchiardo in the Vieux-Nice, a short walk from our 3* hotel, to sample the best daube niçoise

38 Rue Droite - 06300 Nice
Opening hours: Monday to Friday – 12am to 14pm and 19pm to 22pm


5. Pissaladière

 Pissaladière Nice - Credit: feedme_daily
Pissaladière Nice - Credit: feedme_daily

Pissaladière is the pizza's cousin with a thin doughy base covered in finely sliced slow-cooked onions, anchovy fillets and black olives. The starter dates back to the Middle Ages and is still as popular among locals and tourists in Nice.

Take a break from your shopping trip to tuck into an amazing pissaladière at Chez Pipo, a go-to for any self-respecting local.

Chez Pipo
13 Rue Bavastro - 06000 Nice
Opening hours: Wednesday to Sunday – 11:30am to 14:30pm and 17:30pm to 22:00pm


Sample all Nice's specialities when you book your stay at the Best Western Hotel Lakmi Nice close to countless classic Côte d’Azur eateries.


*Recommended addresses in this article make up just a few of the "Nissarde Cuisine" restaurants in the city of Nice.

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