Original gift ideas made with Menton lemons

On holiday in the most charming town on the Côte d'Azur, would you like to give yourself or your loved ones a sun-kissed, tasty souvenir? How about a lemon gift? Here's an original idea for a souvenir that's sure to delight even the most sophisticated palates. Known for their sweetness and fragrance, Menton lemons are used in a variety of artisanal products. The team at the Best Western Hotel Méditerranée has come up with 6 gift ideas made with Menton lemons, to make your holidays last longer or to treat your loved ones.


  1. Lemon marmalade

Menton lemon marmalade is a delicious way to enjoy this sun-kissed fruit. Made from fresh, hand-picked lemons and slow-cooked with sugar, this marmalade has a uniquely tangy, sweet flavour. It's perfect for topping your toast at breakfast, and is delicious served with fine cheeses. Perhaps you've already tried Herbin marmalade when you had breakfast at the Best Western Hotel Méditerranée

Authentic, traditional and local, Maison Herbin has been our jam supplier for several years now, to the delight of our guests.

The iconic Menton jam-maker is just a 3-minute walk from your hotel in the centre of Menton, where you can discover his local creations: lemon and cinnamon marmalade, lemon and rosemary marmalade, three-citrus marmalade, etc. You'll also find other original Menton products such as rose petal jam and old-fashioned lemon mustard. Treat yourself!
Address : 2 rue du Vieux Collège, 06500 Menton

  1. Lemon fruit jellies 

Colourful, refreshing and tangy, Menton lemon fruit jellies are THE made-in-Menton delicacy to try! 

They are generally made by hand, without colouring or preservatives. A guilt-free way to treat yourself.

Discover these delicious fruit jellies at La Maison du Citron (Maison Gannac), a 4-minute walk from your 3-star hotel. Founded 30 years ago, this Menton citrus specialist offers a variety of delicious Menton products.

Would you like to explore their orchard and taste their products? Head to Domaine Gannac, 1970 on the Route de Super-Garavan. Feel free to ask the hotel reception to book a tour for you. Superb views of Menton and the surrounding area guaranteed.
Address : 10 rue Saint-Michel, 06500 Menton

Menton lemon-base products - Credit : Maison Gannac
  1. Limoncello

Did you enjoy our lemon cocktails on our rooftop and want more? 

Treat yourself to a bottle of Menton lemon Limoncello! (Or come back and stay at the Best Western Hotel Méditerranée)

Limoncello is an Italian liqueur made with lemons, alcohol and sugar. While this liqueur originated in Italy, the version made with Menton lemons is particularly sweet and fragrant. Perfect for summer evenings!

You can find Limoncello at the Menton product specialist: Au Pays du Citron

Founded by real lemon enthusiasts, the shop also offers a variety of local products for you to discover.

It's a real gourmet stroll through lemon country, which has earned them the Label Qualité Tourisme (Quality Tourism). 
Address: 22 rue Saint Michel, 06500 Menton. A 4-minute walk from your hotel in the center of Menton.

  1. Lemon-scented candles 

Get carried away by the scent of Menton lemons, and relive your holiday memories with scented candles.

Available in many local shops and boutiques, candles made with the essential oil of Menton lemons can be used to scent your home, relax, decorate, or all three.

Our favourites? Those made by Prestige de Menton, a local artisan perfumer offering products bursting with heady scents.
Address: 19 rue Saint-Michel, 06500 Menton, a 4-minute walk from your hotel.


  1. Malongo coffee with Menton lemons

The result of a collaboration between Malongo and Maison Gannac, Malongo Lemon Coffee is a unique flavoured coffee. A subtle, gourmet, organic and fair-trade creation, the combination of coffee and lemon adds a fruity note that can be enjoyed both hot and cold.

This coffee is also available in pods compatible with Nespresso coffee machines, making it a handy and easy alternative to make at home. Find it at the Maison Du Citron (Maison Gannac), a 4-minute walk from your hotel in the heart of Menton.
Address : 10 rue Saint-Michel, 06500 Menton


  1. Lemon olive oil 

Bring the flavour of your holiday in the sun back home with Menton lemon olive oil. Perfect for dressing your salads or as an original addition to your dishes, this fragrant oil adds a fruity flavour to your meals.

Close your eyes, taste it, and embark on a journey to the most charming town on the Côte d'Azur

Make the most of the opportunity to discover the best place for fine food lovers on the Mediterranean coast: Huilerie Saint Michel. For 4 generations now, this renowned place has been producing products of remarkable finesse.
Address: 5 rue de Bréa, 06500 Menton. A 7-minute walk from our hotel.

Lemon specialties from Menton - Credit : Summer Hotels 

With their tangy flavour and fruity scent, Menton lemons can be used in thousands of different ways to create unique artisanal products. Which one will you take home as a souvenir of your stay on the Côte d'Azur?


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