The most beautiful panoramas over the town of Menton

Breathtaking landscapes over the city of Menton is what the Hotel Menton Méditerranée offers you. Discover 4 places to visit to discover the most beautiful panoramas of the lemon city located on the border of Italy, on the Mediterranean coast. While staying in Menton in your 3-star hotel, take a look at the height to be amazed.


Monastère de l'Annonciade

The Annonciade Monastery has a 360° view over the sea and the mountains from a hilltop at an altitude of 225 metres. This is a great place to visit with a peaceful setting, far from the busy town centre. The visit to the chapel and the "crypt" does not take long, but the view from the park is unbelievable. Just a 15-minute drive from our 3-star hotel.

The most beautiful panoramas on Menton - Credit ney_michel
The most beautiful panoramas on Menton - Credit ney_michel

Les Colombières — Ferdinand Bac's Villa & Gardens

The best panoramic view over the esplanade and Sablettes beach in Menton is from the Colombières estate. The Colombières villa is a historic property in Menton, looking down on the sea and surrounded by a majestic garden, designed and created on a Mediterranean theme by the famous landscaper Ferdinanc Bac. Ferdinanc Bac was the author of numerous literary and artistic works, and was also  Napoleon's great nephew. Don't miss a visit to the site. It is just a 10-minute drive from the Hotel Menton Méditerranée.

The most beautiful panoramas on Menton - Crédit bruno_tmont
The most beautiful panoramas on Menton - Credit bruno_tmont

Cimetière du Vieux Château

The Menton Old Château cemetery is a peaceful spot for contemplation with a wonderful view over the Mediterranean and the old town. The cemetery was built with a system of rising terraces. Each "storey" is dedicated to a different religion or nationality. This is the ideal spot to take some great photos. From our 3-star hotel, it is just a 10-minute walk along the Montée du Souvenir.

The most beautiful panoramas on Menton - Credit michelle_s
The most beautiful panoramas on Menton - Credit michelle_s

The Hotel Menton Méditerrané rooftop

The Hotel Menton Méditerranée is the only hotel in Menton with a rooftop. Guests can enjoy a view over the roofs of the town with the sea in the background. The panoramic terrace in your 3-star hotel is open every day and has plenty of sofas and deckchairs for guests to sit down and relax. The bar is open from 5 pm, so you can enjoy a delicious cocktail as you watch the sun set.  Food lovers will opt for a tapas platter before going down to have dinner at the restaurant on the ground floor.

The most beautiful panoramas on Menton
The most beautiful panoramas on Menton 

To make it easier to visit Menton and its top panoramas, use the specially deisgned interactive map:


Menton is a blend of France and Italy, with a touch of Provence and has endless to sights to see. All the team at the Hotel Menton Méditerranée wish you a warm welcome to the lemon capital and will be on hand to give you a truly exceptional stay!

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