What to do in Menton in winter ?

City of the artist Cocteau and jewel of the French Riviera, the city of Menton is full of sublime and authentic places to visit. Between museums, gardens and the old town, take advantage of the exceptional climate of the South of France to visit Menton in winter.

Located in the extreme southeast of France, just a stone's throw from Italy, Menton is worth the visit. With its year-round subtropical microclimate, pastel-colored old town and Italian and British influences, Menton is the perfect destination for your winter vacation.

By staying at the Best Western Hotel Menton Méditerranée, you are in the heart of the city and places to visit. Between the famous lemon festival, the gardens and museums of Menton, you have enough to discover the city!


Menton’s « Fête du Citron » (Lemon Festival)

It was in 1934 that the first Lemon Festival is organized in Menton, but it is in 1929 that its history begins initially. This year, Menton is still the first producer of lemon in Europe. A hotelier decided to organize an exhibition of flowers and citrus in the garden of his hotel and the success was such that the years after, the festival goes down the street.  The city of Menton, wishing to increase its tourism then decides to create the Lemon Festival, which is now an event that attracts thousands of tourists each year.

But what is the principle of the Lemon Festival? Parade of corsos, garden of lights and exhibition of citrus patterns are the main activities of this event.


2024 Lemon Festival 

Every year, a theme is carefully selected to take center stage, and for the 2024 edition, the spotlight is on the Olympic Games. The chosen theme is "The Olympics from Antiquity to the Present." From February 17 to March 3, 2024, immerse yourself in the captivating world of citrus sculptures, each one more remarkable than the last, and enjoy the processions of floats adorned with the beautiful citrus fruits of Menton.

In honor of this special occasion, the team at Best Western Hotel Menton Mediterranee is dressed up and ready to welcome you, ensuring that the festive spirit continues even within the hotel!


What to do in Menton in Winter – Credit Summer hotels
What to do in Menton in Winter – Credit Summer hotels


Menton’s gardens

Menton enjoys a subtropical climate all year round, which favors the establishment of many gardens and the importation of plants from all around the world. In winter, there are fewer tourists, so it is the ideal time to visit them in peace.

The must-see garden to visit in Menton is the botanical garden Val Rahmeh. Domain formed during the nineteenth century, it was bought in 1905 by Lord Percy Radcliffe, general of the British Army, and renamed after his wife, Rahmeh Theodora Swinburne.  In this sublime garden, you will find plants from all over the world all year round. Its atypical organization takes you on a journey to a place where serenity is king.

Other interesting public gardens to visit are the Carnolès Palace garden and the Biovès gardens, which host the Lemon Festival, among others!


Cocteau museums

The artist Jean Cocteau has a real "crush" in the 1950s for the city of Menton and leaves his mark in many ways.

During your visit to Menton, you must visit the Bastion, between the port and the Promenade du Soleil. This building houses many works of the artist and is an essential step in the work of Cocteau in Menton.

Another footprint of the artist in Menton: the Museum Jean Cocteau collection Séverin Wunderman. Witness of the work of Cocteau on 2 700 m2, the museum also offers visitors exhibition spaces of collections, an educational workshop, a graphic art cabinet, a space of documentary resources, a café and a bookstore.


The Basilica Saint-Michel Archange

Architectural jewel of baroque art, the Basilica of St. Michael the Archangel must be part of your tour of Menton. With its bell tower and its square made of pebbles representing the Grimaldi coat of arms which offers a sublime view of the Mediterranean Sea, the basilica is a pure delight for the eyes of all. Go inside the building to admire the baroque style a little more.


What to do in Menton in Winter – Credit Summer hotels
What to do in Menton in Winter – Credit Summer hotels


Menton’s Old Town

Venture into the small streets of the historic center of Menton to discover authentic and colorful places. Under the winter sun of the South of France, you will enjoy a luminous and period decor, in the calm that the period offers. Pass by the "rue du Vieux Château", typical of the alleys of the old cities of the South. End your tour with a drink in the Place aux Herbes, full of charm and warmth, as is the atmosphere in the city of Menton.

Finally, visit the market hall to discover fresh and local products.

What to do in Menton in Winter – Credit Summer hotels
What to do in Menton in Winter – Credit Summer hotels


Menton is a cultural city full of things to discover. In winter, it is in a privileged calm that you can visit its gardens, museums and its old town so special. Discover also what not to miss in Menton for a stay full of activities in Menton. Stay at the Best Western Hotel Menton Méditerranée to be in the heart of the city and its attractions!

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